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Cost Cutters Reviews

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  • Cant get hair cut

    I hope corporate or owner of the CC at 5510 Forrest drive in Columbia reads this. Your store is almost impossible to get hair cut. Today is Friday 8/18/17 and you have 1 stylist working. I guess no one THOUGHT that anyone would need a hair cut the Friday before eclipse weekend. Or any Friday for that matter. You use to be able to walk in and get hair cut. I guess your store is making so much revenue that you don't need to make money on Friday. It's 100 degree's and I'll guess I'll wear a HAT!!! GREAT!! More...
    JimmyA's Picture   JimmyA    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters broken sink

    I have been going to Cost Cutters on Robinson St in Binghamton,NY for 20 plus years. Today I went to have wonderful Jen cut my hair and the appearance was terrible by the sinks. The whole salon smelt like mildew or something rotten. There was a bucket under the sink and a bucket in the sink with combs and brushes being cleaned I quess. I have never been there and seen it in this condition it is always clean and never smelt like it did today. In my opinion this needs to be addressed ASAP. More...
    gizmo123's Picture   gizmo123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters inside Wal-Mart on Adimere Dr. Lincoln Nebraska. Horrible color

    I went in for highlights and lowlights, I showed the stylest pictures and explained exactly what I wanted, after over 2 hours I ended up with fried hair and look like a skunk with a yellow streak, I wanted realy dark lowlights and med, bronze lowlightd, I told her it was too blonde all she said was come back in two days and I will tone it down a little, no refund or anything not even a apology for doing her own thing, she didn't use the colors I picked out of the shade book, furious now my hair is fried and looks horrible am imbarresed to even go out. Don't use this Cost Cutters... More...
    granny60's Picture   granny60    0 Comments   Comments
  • Seriosuly? Why do you care Cost Cutters how a person uses a gift card

    This is about the Cost Cutters at the Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs.Okay, so I buy gift cards for friends who need haircuts. They come in handy when you are on a fixed budget and at 4 for $40 for the holidays it's even better. Went into the one in this post over the weekend to buy a couple of those gift cards and was told I couldn't buy more than one at a time and I had to go back another day to get another(which I did but was an inconvenience). I called their corporate office who contacted the district manager for the salon who left a message saying that was their policy... More...
  • Lower than low expectations

    I had already heard nightmares about Cost Cutter haircuts, but my style is so easy I thought "how bad can they screw it up?" Plus, "what do you expect for $16?" Well, Katie exceeded my already low expectations. Just like in a comedy movie, from the first swipe of the trimmers I knew I was screwed. Now I have no hair on the back of my head. With zero training as a hair stylist I could have done a better job! If you care anything at all about your appearance do not go here! Add another $10 to your investment and go ANYWHERE else! More...
    Holycrumb's Picture   Holycrumb    1 Comments   Comments
  • Store#62144 Ticket: 2 Stylist: Bonnie asked for A frame and got a chop job

    I went in there with below the shoulders length hair. I asked for an A frame cut and to only take a little off I didn't want my hair much shorter. When she was done she had took a huge chunk out of the back of my head, when I asked her to refund me or fix it she started hacking at my hair and it is now at my jaw line and longer on one side and crooked in the back still. I ended up just walking out. I now have to go somewhere else to get my hair fixed. I want reimbursed and for them to pay for me to have to get it fixed, AGAIN! I have never been so upset my hair is horrible and ugly now. More...
    caseylynda's Picture   caseylynda    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst haircut of my life

    It is so disgusting it makes me sick that I had to pay for it. I wanted it cut straight across but she cut it heart shape. Then she took a whole 4 inches off despite I only asked for two. Then she layered my bands DESPITE the fact I said NO layers. Top it all off, one side was obviously much longer than the other (1 inch and 1/2). My hair looks like a terrible mess a cat barged up. I'm crying and NEVER going here again. More...
    Maisyleem's Picture   Maisyleem    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutter's Scheduling Complaint

    I made an appointment with Cost Cutters, S. Greeley Highway, Cheyenne, WY for 10:00 a.m. I arrived at ten and was told it would be "just a few minutes, a little boy needed a trim." A half hour later, two men came in, the little boy was finished. The stylist I was scheduled at ten with told the men to come back. I told her my appointment was at ten, she told me the men had an appointment before me. If someone would have been honest with me when I first came in at ten and told me it was going to be another hour, instead of a few minutes, I could of told them I couldn't... More...
    Tamara1's Picture   Tamara1    0 Comments   Comments
  • two bad cuts the only two times i went

    Had two horrible kids cuts. Had to go home and fix both. Done by two different stylist.same location. First one was my older son, all we needed was a Mohawk. Told her not to take any length on top. Of course she cuts it almost all the way down. It looked like an army cut. I could tell my son was embarrassed. We ended up just taking clippers at home and getting rid of it.she also left lines all over his head. Another thing i've never seen before she cut into the little dip in back of neck. When his head was up it looked like the batman symbol! Just brought my 20 month old in... More...
    cruz's Picture   cruz    0 Comments   Comments
  • no credit topped up on electricity key

    I have topped up of £20.00 electricity on my key on 23.08.14. When I insert my key into a smart meter it showed nothing, no money at all. I went back to shop but they refused to deal with me saying :'' all went through, there was no rejection on receipt''. They told me to call my electric supplier. So I went to co-operative shop and topped up this key with £5.00 just to check whether my key works. There was £5.00 on the key and I could have used my electricity. It means they somehow stole my money. I am not happy with this service at Cost Cutter in... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Anetta's Picture   Anetta    1 Comments   Comments
  • She beat me with a hairbrush!

    This total B**** Vanessa at the Mukwonago cost cutters told me to come back if my cut wasn't short enough. By the end of the day I wasn't satisfied, so I came back. After all, VANESSA did offer it up. WOW is all I can say. I told her I wanted it cut right at my hairline, but not to use the buzzer on my neck. What does she do??? She buzzes my neck before picking up the scissors or explaining what the hell she was doing! She choked me with the apron twice. I told her she was choking me with it. Then she asked it I wanted the first layer "HERE" along with her... More...
    dylanz2008's Picture   dylanz2008    0 Comments   Comments
  • Not the place for me!!

    I got hired here and have never been more embarrassed, as a stylist, in the 12 years that I've been doing hair. The first day I started, I was cutting a childs hair & this particular child did not sit still. (No big deal, it's normal) it took me 20 minutes to complete the haircut. I gout yelled at in front of a salon full of people, by my manager, saying 'You took too long! now we have to give them a free haircut coupon!!!' I was mortified, but took another client. A coworker was standing over my shoulder and practically grabbed the shears out of my hand & said... More...
    (Spa Services)
    lillybug's Picture   lillybug    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters rude service and embarrassed by staff member

    I have been getting my hair cut at the Cost Cutters in Florence, Alabama for a long time. The service here is great and you can always get what you ask for! I decided to get my hair done at the Cost Cutters in Muscle Shoals , Alabama Walmart. ( I go to college in Muscle Shoals). I went in and there were two girls a working and they weren't busy at all. The girl who signed me in was very rude from the get go.Still keeping a good attitude I was polite to her. Well she sat me down and started in chopping my hair! Never once asked if I wasn't shampoo blow dry nothing ! I was shocked... More...
    hippy23's Picture   hippy23    0 Comments   Comments

    "At Cost Cutters Salon, our stylists aren't just trained to cut and color better, but to listen better, too. So you can trust you'll get a cut you love and leave feeling fabulous every time." Cost Cutters doesn't even live up to their own standards. This location is the worst. My fiance came home in tears today because of the horrible service she received. Before the hairstylist even asked her what she wanted she started cutting. This "professional" also didn't know the difference between 2cm and 2 inches. Given the fact she had already cut off... More...
    daveed316's Picture   daveed316    0 Comments   Comments
  • Embarrassed by so-called mangement at Cost Cutters.

    I had an appt. today in Shererville, Indiana for a haircut. I have had the same beautician cut my hair for over 5 yrs. I had a coupon for $5.00 off regular price. I forgot to bring the coupon to the salon. I explained what I did and offered to bring the coupon in the next day. My beautician was ok with that but her boss, Debby, said no. So I left without my haircut. I made an appt. for the next day but changed my mind and cancelled it after returning home. Now I have decided to go elsewhere to get my haircut.. This Debby made me feel foolish and untrustworthy. She embarrassed me in... More...
    jfrain's Picture   jfrain    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrific service

    Cost Cutter is suppose to be about low cost, good service and services. I have been going there on and off over the last 8 years or so. Tonight I went and asked for the usual color, a few highlights trim JUST my bangs, eyebrows waxed. it usually cost around the 65 mark. They usually don't charge for the bangs as they are only taking a small amount off in one small spot, no sectioning, not time consuming, all of 2 minutes. Tonight The staff I had did these things.She didn't even say what she was using in my hair or why. I felt like I was a WalMart. She said that will be 99$ I... More...
    ssmach's Picture   ssmach    0 Comments   Comments
  • completely uneven

    Every time I've been to Cost Cutters I have never been pleased with the haircuts. I made a HUGE mistake going there to get my eyebrows waxed. On the first eyebrow she made it completely short and now my eyebrow start in the middle of the eye. The second eye she barley did anything to. Now my eyebrows are completely embarrassing and I have never been this unsatisfied. I can't even go out in public. More...
    (Spa Services)
    chunk356's Picture   chunk356    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters Rude Management

    I had an interview with a manager that told me -AFTER she said I got the job- that my tattoos had to be covered because their salon is family oriented and tattoos are not. My tattoos are devotions to my FAMILY. They are not offensive, are professionally done, and tasteful. I served in the military prior to this interview; you can serve your country with art on your body, but not CUT HAIR?! Cosmetology, to me, is a profession of art and expression-but I have to limit myself and how I look while "showing off my art." HARD PASS More...
  • ex employee

    I also worked for cost cutters , worst job i have ever had,,,,,,our owner also made us work Easter (saying ( his words ), this company is not a CHRISTIAN based company.) He did not like honest hardworking people , he liked druggie's, liar's and backstabber;s.He made our goals so high you could never make them. He said thin stylist made more money than overweight stylist.When he hired new stylist he would pay white stylist more than black stylist....He is really giving Regis a bad name , But i did get to see what comes around goes around , the cost cutters i worked at shut... More...
    hippychic's Picture   hippychic    0 Comments   Comments
  • poor service and not accepting a coupon code that was sent by cost cutters

    I received a email 5-15-2013 with a coupon code for a free style and finish for the price of a haircut. I went to cost cutters in FortPayne, Al. on 5-16-2013 and ask about a n appointment. The lady that waited on me then tolded me she had to go clean up hair left me standing at the front, went to the back room came out answered a ladies question that had just came in then cleaned up some hair all before coming to tell me she wouldn't accept the coupon code. I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THAT COST CUTTERS AGAIN. THAT EMPLOYEE SHOULD BE FIRED. More...
    vgreene's Picture   vgreene    2 Comments   Comments
  • try working for them

    try working for them .....under paid , never a thank you .goals so high you can never make them you, you so never get bonus:s .owner does not like honest hard working people , he likes druggies , who lie and backstab , so the good people all leave , so you are always under staffed,than owner gets ANGRY when computer goes down like it is our fault and and yells at us.made us work EASTER this coming from his mouth ( this is not a christian org.)yet we wanted to be with our families .in my mine they treat their employees horrible , i know cause i was one of them. More...
    bobbygirl's Picture   bobbygirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters

    You have the rudes older employees I have ever seen. They talk about their manager behind her back and in front of all the customers and they yell at their customers and then blame it on the younger girls working there. I had one girl there that was really good and I went back to have my hair done again by her and this older lady said she had been fired for yelling at her customers. I told her that she had never yelled at her customers nad that the only one I had ever heard yelling and talking bad about anyone was her. I would love to see that young lady again I just wish I knew where to... More...
    nana933's Picture   nana933    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible! Never going back!!

    I went in for just a trimm. My hair was down to my lower back. The lady that cut my hair would not listen to a word I said. I said that I just wanted a trimm. She kept saying that I need to get the dry ends off my hair. So I thought she meant dead ends which is about 2 inches at the most. Long story short she ended up cutting almost 7 inches off my hair!!! My hair is just below my shoulders now. I didn't realize that she was doing that until she gave me the mirror to see the back of my head. I've grown my hair out the last five years and she took it upon herself to cut it... More...

    ABSOLUTELY UNIMPRESSED! I saw a "stylist" for a color and cut. She messed up the color and it was all spotty and discolored. She attempted to fix it but made it worse. I attempted to have her fix it a few days later after she attempted to reassure me that "it looked ok." After my THIRD attempt, I was able to be seen. This consisted of me walking into the store, being "greeted" by two RUDE stylists, asked to come back and wait for OVER AN HOUR because they refused to do anything. I finally was able to be seen by the manager who fixed my hair, only to get home... More...
    (Spa Services)
    matu2012's Picture   matu2012    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad customer service from Ashley

    Had a scheduled appointment and when we got to the shop 5 minutes before the scheduled time another walk-in customer was taken in front of us. The man's hair cut should have taken at the most 10 minutes but after 20 minutes, I told Ashley that I thought we had an appointment at 5:30 and thought by making an appointment we would not have to wait. She told me that she would be with us shortly. I then overheard her tell the man the 'some people are just so impatient.' It appeared Ashley new the man personally. I asked Ashley what her name was and what her manager's name... More...
    chdama's Picture   chdama    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters worst haircut ever

    I went in for a haircut and showed the girl a picture of what I wanted. I have short hair anyways so I told her I didn't want alot cut off just shaped up. Well she began cutting and all of a sudden I looked up and She had cut atleast a inch off my sides!!! I told her that was enough that is way too short!! She says to me "do you want to keep one side long and keep this side short?" NO!! She said well thats what is in, I told her I don't care what is in, That is NOT what I want. So she had to make the other side shorter and kept cutting. I had to just tell her to quit... More...
    cheers2u's Picture   cheers2u    3 Comments   Comments
  • Mary not so Mary.

    Well I go in ask for alot of small high lights everyware and I come out looking likea lion. The total opposite of what I wanted few thick orange stripes in my hair. I look stupid. I left ok cause my hair looks alright wet not even thirty mins later icall nkclyletting them no this is notwhat I wanted and the women"Mary" from Panama city mall cost cutters got an attitudewith me. I picked outa picturr of what I wantedmy hairto look likeand I sware it looks nothing like so.I hate it and recomend no one gotheir. More...
  • poor survice

    I am writting a complaint about the service of costcutter on the britwell eastate in slough, berkshire . The way the staff treat their customers is rediculous . I brought scratch cards previously and the winning totalled to £25.00 when I claimed the winnnings the member of staff only gave me £22.00 snd ripped up the scratchcards she never gave me a reciept . I then told her it was wrong and she owed me more money the manager came over and started shouting at me saying I was wrong , I asked them to print me a reciept and they said they cleared the screen . I am so unhappy as I... More...
  • worst hair cut ever

    Lisa the reported store manager, in pierre sd, she was very rude to me. I requested a particular hair cut she reponded that the hair cut would look stupid. She also said that the style I picked out and that I was willing to pay for would not look good to which I responded that i would like it shorter in the back and long in the front (a long bob) to which she responded that it would still look stupid. Than i said to make it look good. Here are the following things she did wrong. She didn't wash my hair, she sprayed my hair, than she basicly chopped my hair the back of my hair was... More...
    blackmoreni's Picture   blackmoreni    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't Go Here!!!

    I went to the Cost Cutters in Sevierville, TN... located between a Belk and an Outback. I have never experienced such a lack of customer service as I did here. The employees clearly don't care about their customers or potential customers, and in turn they really must not care about their jobs. I went in about an hour before closing on a Wednesday night, about 6pm. I saw two employees working, both were waiting on customers which is fine, but not one of them acknowledged that I was there. No one offered to sign me in, nor did anyone say "we'll be with you soon"... not... More...
    JasonBrown's Picture   JasonBrown    0 Comments   Comments
  • Waiting too Long!!

    I went to Cost Cutters today. Location is Racine, Douglas Avenue and 4 Mile. I went today because I could get my waxing done for $7 which is affordable for me. Signed in at 3:00pm and I was told that it would be a half hour wait. That was ok because I had about an hour. 45 Minutes later and I'm still waiting. By now everyone that came in before me and after me had been assisted. I assumed I'd be next. And then a lady walked in to get the same service I had already signed up for. They took her before me! And when I got irritated their excuse was that this lady had called... More...
    kimba2402's Picture   kimba2402    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cost Cutters Menomonie, WI

    I had an excellent hair cut from a stylist at Cost Cutters Menomonie WI so I call and asked for an appointment with the same stylist. Was told that they don't do appointments for "just a haircut" So I stopped by the shop and asked for the same stylist. The girl at the desk said he had a customer but I could have one of the other stylist. I said I preffered to wait. The girl came back and said it would be 2 1/2 hours. I hope they have enough business in this economy that they can turn off and turn away existing customers. I frankly wouldn't go back to Cost... More...
    enewcomb's Picture   enewcomb    1 Comments   Comments
  • Devastating

    I went to Cost Cutters four months ago asking for a trim of the layered cut I've had for 30 years. I have long hair and love it long. I've never had a problem with anyone just trimming it up before. Instead, she cuts 80% of my hair about 3 inches long leaving the rest looking like I had just gone through a round of chemo! To make it tragic, I'm 60, and it will never grow back as healthy as it was, the texture has changed. And, to make it even worse, I was going through one of the most depressed state of emotions I've ever had and my hair was my one crowning glory I... More...
    crystalsuetoo's Picture   crystalsuetoo    3 Comments   Comments

    Overall terrible experience. The only good thing was it was cheap. I asked for a trim to the overall length of my hair and a trim for my side-swept bangs. The woman cut a whole inch off the first half of my bangs and left the rest alone. I don't know if the cosmetology licences are real or not, all I know is they clearly need to be taught how to do a half decent job with bangs. The trim was okay, but unless you have an extremily simple haircut, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT coming to CostCutters until the improvement is made. More...
    GHT78's Picture   GHT78    0 Comments   Comments
  • crappy people

    one time at the Rancho Vistoso location in Oro Valley, Arizona, I talked to this girl who worked there and I thought that we had a great rapport. I admittedly tried to find out when she worked (unsuccessfully) and plan to get another haircut in the future. She and this business CALLED THE LOCAL POLICE AND HAD THEM CALL MY FAMILIES' HOUSE TO TELL ME THAT IF I CAME AROUND AGAIN, I WOULD BE ARRESTED! This was OVER THE TOP and COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY! I will NOT come back to this place again AND I WILL TELL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT THIS EMBARRASSING AND UNPROFESSIONAL EVENT! Gerald... More...
    gerryboombs's Picture   gerryboombs    1 Comments   Comments

    I am unemployed and decided to cut corners and try Cost Cutters. The stylist (if you call them that) hacked my hair into chuncks and I had to go to a "real" salon where I used to go when I had a nice paycheck, and they had to fix it; costing me $42.00 plus gratuity. I plan on contacting someone who can assist me in getting back my money paid to Cost Cutters for a standard haircut plus the tip (when I was way tooooo generous at). This girl must have never attended a day of hair styling school or flunked out. These girls should not be allowed to play with sharp toys. I have... More...
    kjsenich's Picture   kjsenich    2 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Poor

    I only had to wait a few minutes. But, the lady that did my hair was so rude I almost left when she was halfway through. I had a wash as well and when she started cutting it only took like 5 minutes and she was done I kept asking her over and over again to do what I, wanted, and she said no it would make my hair so this or that. It's my hair!! After my 5 minute cut she asked if I wanted my hair dry? Duh! My hair was halfway dry and she was done. I asked her to do more and her comment was "we are to busy" so I went and sat down waiting for my ride and she left! There was no... More...
    garfield23's Picture   garfield23    0 Comments   Comments
  • Manager is rude

    I haven't been to a Cost Cutters in over 1 year and I will never go there again. poor service is my reason on two seperate occurances. The first time I arrived early,before opening, so i could be one of the first for a haircut at my local Cost Cutters. The manager was rude, saying after opening the doors, "I'm not ready yet for business". When she was ready, she took the person who came in after I did! she should have been ready before she opened the doors and she should have ask who was first.that was annoying. I got my haircut and was on my way.. The second time, I... More...
    seyermn's Picture   seyermn    0 Comments   Comments
  • BAD

    COST CUTTERS DOTHAN ALABAMA, LET CALL HER QUEEN OF THE JIFFY CUTS, a few days ago my husband got his haircut by the manager JENNIFER QUEEN OF THE JIFFY F-CK UPS. It was a 5 minute hair cut ,and it spoke for itself...It was a nitemare!!!!!my husband walked out and left me to pay... she let me have a free one ,but it was not worth being free,the woman that he always gets to cut it was not there yet,but she always gives him a good cut, infact shes the only one who gives a good cut in that DUMP! And she is the only nice one there but she only works nites...WHO OWNS THAT GETTO SHOP ANYWAY? I... More...
    BREE1973's Picture   BREE1973    1 Comments   Comments
  • rude employees

    Cost Cutters of W. State of Franklin Road, Johnson City, TN, will get no more of my business. I stopped by to get a hair trim. I was told by the stylist and the girl at the register that it had been only two weeks since my last trim and I didn't need one! I have never, ever had anyone tell me they didn't want my business. Then they said maybe I had forgotten when I was last there. I remember EXACTLY when I was last there. My hair is short and grows very fast. I wanted a little taken off the top and sides. They acted like I was so stupid that I forgot when I was last there.... More...
    vampiregal's Picture   vampiregal    1 Comments   Comments

    I recieved a haircut on July 9 from the cost cutters in kaukuana, wi. This haircut was so bad I had to go to another salon for someone to try to fix what this lady did. The lady at cost cutters had no idea how to cut hair. I asked for a simple trim and came out with my hair 3 inches shorter. The layers are so messed up it will take me forever to get it back to the way it was. I never cried so hard! When another lady that works at the salon came over to ask what was wrong I told her that my layers were choppy. She said she would be able to fix it. She said that I came in with... More...
    bldebroux's Picture   bldebroux    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible haircut

    This was the absolute worst hair cut I have ever had. My daughter and I had our hair trimmed. They ripped through our hair, did not listen to what I wanted at all, did completely what she ( the hairstylist) wanted. I only wanted a trim and ended up with hair up to my ears. She was constantly running all over and then coming back to my hair. SHUT COST CUTTERS DOWN. I WILL TELL EVERYONE HOW HORRIBLE THEY ARE AND NOT TO GO THERE!!! More...
    wolfpack's Picture   wolfpack    0 Comments   Comments
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